Guest Information

Riverton’s House Policy & Dress Code

Riverton Country Club (RCC) is a family oriented club, a place to spend time with friends and family, enjoy recreation and social dining. To support this objective, the House Policies and Dress Code have been established to respect the mutual interests of our members taking into consideration active use of our facility, as well as the generational differences of our membership.
The policies set forth in this document provide guidelines within which we operate the clubhouse, facilities and golf course. Members are asked to assure their families and guests follow these guidelines. Those not adhering to these policies may be restricted from facility access or service until they are in compliance. Should someone inadvertently be out of compliance, they may purchase proper attire in the pro shop at a moderate cost. 

Dress Code

Clubhouse: includes public indoor areas, banquet rooms, bar, pro shop, card rooms and office unless otherwise noted. Specific dress code in other areas is indicated below.
Men: collared shirts, turtle neck and mock turtle neck shirts, slacks, Bermuda length shorts, golf attire, tennis attire (Immediately before or after play), dress jeans. No hats are permitted to be worn in the clubhouse.

Women: skirts, slacks, Bermuda length shorts, golf attire, tennis attire (Immediately before or after play), dress jeans. 

Not permitted: short shorts, tank tops, tee shirts, sweat pants, hoodies (with hood up), bathing suits without cover-up, frayed or tattered jeans, pants with patches, work boots.

Kriss Family Room: Clubhouse Dress Code applies

The Hemingway: Clubhouse Dress Code applies 

Patio: Clubhouse Dress Code applies with the addition of the following: Hats, worn in the traditional style with brims to the front are permitted. Members arriving directly from the pool are permitted to wear swimwear with appropriate covering apparel

Smokers should be respectful of diners and smoke away from the eating area.