Guest Information

Dear Visitor,

The Riverton Country Club staff looks forward to being at your service!  We are delighted to host you and expect your experience will be outstanding, particularly when you join us in observing our courtesies and customs:

Cellular Phones
  • Out of respect for members and their guests, cellular phone use on the golf course is strongly discouraged.  If a phone is absolutely necessary, please use good judgment.

  • Members and guests are expected to wear proper golf attire on the golf course and practice areas.  Shorts must be Bermuda length (min. 7” inseam length).  Jeans, cutoffs, t-shirts, tank tops and jogging clothes are not permitted.  Cargo pants and shorts are also unacceptable.  Mock turtlenecks, both long and short sleeve are permitted.  Members and guests not properly attired may be refused play.

Carts & Caddies
  • Riverton encourages the tradition of walking with caddies and caddies will be available upon request. Caddie fees are $40 per bag + tip.  Please see the caddie master for further details.

  • Carts or caddies are mandatory for all unaccompanied play.  

Pace of Play
  • Players are expected to complete their round in 3 hours and 50 minutes.  Groups are expected to be conscious of their position on the course at all times and considerate of groups behind them. Groups stopping at the halfway house forfeit their position on the course.

Other Information
  • Tipping is permitted to all service staff.

  • The locker room staff is at your service. Please refrain from changing shoes in the parking lot. 

  • If signing something back to your Club, please be sure your name and number are legible.

  • Smoking is prohibited indoors.

  • The use of metal spikes is prohibited.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions prior to your arrival.  We look forward to helping make your day at Riverton the best it can be!